Differences in medical waste

Medical waste is always known as the "red bag" waste, but it is not everywhere in the world the same. What is the acids content of the medical waste in your country? Mainly the amount of Chlorine in the waste will decide a 1 stage or a 2 stage system. In Europe pharmaceutical companies have almost no Chlorine any more in the packaging. So the Chlorine will be about 0,5%. In most of Asian countries, the Chlorine is about 2% in the mass of the medical waste. A single stage can handle European medical waste, with intervention of the operator, which we discuss here.

So it is not the difference in flue gas cleaning technology what makes the difference between Asian and European waste incineration installations, the waste has just different pollutants. A double stage for flue gas cleaning can handle easily 2% chlorine waste. A single stage flue gas treatment doesn't go above the 1% Cl.

Medical waste is changing in time, and in the world, because pharmaceutical companies use less and less Chlorine for packaging of drugs. So the waste is changing too.