About us

  • Photo 1: ductworks connections - also the process we connect
  • Photo 2: Rotary kiln section view - tailor made know how
  • Photo 3: SCADA print screen - in house made software from A to Z
  • Photo 4: workshop drawing - in house made and design factory drawings in 3D
  • Photo 5: workshop realisations are subcontracted, but managed by us

IGNISS ENERGY - Incinerator design and manufacturer company

Our working structure for incinerator plant design and construction

Process and software
This department is leaded by ex-plant managers of counter current rotary kilns for medical and hazardous waste in Europe. Process design and automation, and the continuous improvement of the process with the different waste types create a winning design. Because incinerators are always far out of each other and in other countries, we are specialized also in internet applications for service after sales for the incineration plant operators. Today, the process designer, designs PLC and software applications for the incinerator and is after sales your programmer for adaptations at any time.

Energy recovery specialists
Energy recovery is important in every system, not only for security but also for creating an extra income of about 10 - 15% of the incineration plant. Today we have experience in adapting our design to many different type of energy recovery systems like steam systems and we takes care for the correct manufacture and incineration process of the installation with this personalized energy recovery system.

Process and mechanical design, commissioning and operations
This field is developed by mechanical and process engineers which have been active in waste related operations for more than 20 years and they have been working at waste treatment companies and engineering/contractors ever since . This experience includes the successful design of a wide range of waste treatment technologies, including high temperature desorption, distillation, gasification, rotary kiln incineration and fluidized bed incineration. Today, our design engineers are the mechanical and process designers of the project team and they are able to develop a tailor-made design with subsequent commissioning and follow up of the new installations.

Sales and project management
As well the project manager and the sales manger must know which modifications can be done in the process for the client’s optimal energy recovery and waste processing needs. Today, the combination of sales with project management is important because this combination makes it easier to communicate and realize the personalized installation like it is appointed.

Our company focus:


Incinerators Liquid & GAS waste Medical waste Hazardous waste Homogenic waste Household waste WWTP sludge Biomass
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And to realize projects we have our project management team and in house specialists.